Text reads: “The first triangle phone was announced soon after the third great bird flu pandemic and second great tech industry crash. Having little to lose, executives were empowered to tae risks. Everyone was tired of bad news and craving some kind of change.” A man in a green polo neck is on stage holding a phone in the shape of a triangle, with the audience around him. Some are clapping.


Text reads: “The triangle phone was indeed shaped like a triangle. It could read the mind of its owner and it was entirely solar powered. But mainly, it provided people with a new, exciting obstacle. The shape of the screen was tiresome and inconvenient.” The polonecked man is holding up the triangle phone to the viewer, who is looking at the phone with interest.


Text reads: “Telepathy was cool. But it was the triangle, the OBSTACLE that people seemed to want.” A man on stage is viewing the phone, thinking of a pineapple, which is also shown on the phone’s screen. The audience look on.


Text reads: “Reading terrible news that was happening all over the world was now much more difficult. It was wonderful. People had a nap instead.” A man is lying on a red sofa with a cat asleep on him.


Text reads: “The screen of the triangle phone shrank year on year. Until, at last, there was on screen at all, just a small, glowing light which could detect the feelings of the owner and gently provide telepathic emotional reassurance. It was a great relief to everyone involved.” A woman is holding a small, glowing triangle to her chest. To the left, you see snapshots of the triangle phone shrinking sequentially from top to bottom.